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Do not teach at Milongas!

This note is meant to inform tango dancers around the world; especially dancers who teach between dances at a milonga and those who have to endure painful, patronizing lectures. Men tend to deliver more of these demonstrative/educational instructions while the women silently suffer. However, the opposite is also possible.  Read more

Tango Therapy: The Healing Embrace

"Tango therapy deals with how people feel and improving their life quality. ... tango is one of the few dances where the partners are locked in an intimate, embracing position, creating a stimulating physical contact with healing effects. It is the more spiritual and mental effect that makes it so effective. It definitely is proven to be the embrace that heals." Read more

“The interesting questions” interview with Judith Preuss, Mala Junta

"What’s the aim of having these strict rules in Tango? I like to mention that we should have flow on the dance floor, and to practice in classes the idea of navigation. But I think you will not have it with stricter rules. For me it’s that people fear to move free. They want to have a definition of being right and doing it right, and in the right way. They feel more secure if they do the right tango, but there is no right tango." Read more

What Does Mindfulness Really Mean Anyway?      by Sharon Salzberg

"Mindfulness is what can permit us to no longer feel like victims of our negative emotions. Instead, it allows us to understand our intentions and gain awareness of our emotions as they arise. As they arise, we pivot, we continue to pay attention, and our world continues to open up." Read more

[Tango] Warum wir uns nach Umarmungen sehnen by Veronica Toumanova

"Keine zwei Umarmungen sind genau gleich, so wie keine zwei Tänzer genau gleich sind. Wir studieren Schritte, sind besessen von Technik, üben Fußpositionen und Balance, und dennoch glaube ich, was uns am Tango anzieht sind Umarmungen." Read more