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We - Ginta and Jürgen Schindler - give regular group or private classes of Yoga-Tango and Argentinian Tango as well as organize special events as Workshops, Milongas, Shows, Yoga-Tango Weekends, Festivals, Concerts, Trips.

You are welcome to join us as a participant or support us as a sponsor!

We  dance Argentine tango for more than 12 years. We started to teach together in 2011. Our dancing is based on improvisation with embrace, steps, music and space. We focus on communication in couple, balance and technique of the movement. We see tango as a language, that develops and changes within the time.

When we teach, we go back to the roots of tango. We believe that it is the basis, that never has to be forgotten. Later one can develop his or her own style based on the classical tango knowledge.

We get inspired from Tango teachers and artists: Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne, Mariano "Chicho" Frumboli & Juana Sepulveda, Hugo Mastrolorenzo & Agnese Vanaga, Rui Barroso & Ines Gomes, Homer & Cristina Ladas, Isabella Cremer & Iwan Harlan, Leo Calvelli & Eugenia Usandivaras, Mariano Otero & Alejandra Heredia, Gaia Pisauro & Leandro Furlan.

We love life, tango and yoga. The process and the current moment for us is more important than career and past.  If you read this page, we assume that you also like at least one of the mentioned components. Right?


Ginta Schindler

I am a woman, who loves the creative parts of life and finds my inner peace by dancing, meditation and yoga. I love books, music, people and writing. By discovering new things, I come to new ideas. In one test I have discovered, that I am an old soul. Maybe that allows me to share some knowledge with you!

I was born in Latvia - the country with beautiful nature and the old folk song and dance traditions, which had been part of my education and my life since the age of 6, when I joined Latvian Folk Dance group.

I have travelled to many countries such as Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Poland, England, France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Japan, USA, Argentina. Currently I am based  in Germany.

Once the friends, who do not dance tango, asked me: "How can you dance that dance - full of sadness and crying and why do you still smile by dancing it?" My answer: "Tango for me is not a crying. Tango has many colors, you are welcome to discover your color."

Ginta's teachers

I am a family person with two children, who are one of my greatest teachers. I am also learning a lot from my Man, who allows me to be the Woman.

Books are my second greatest teachers. I adore some writers and philosophers, like Krishnamurti and Dalailama, Wilhelm Schmid and many others.

Krishnamurti once said that all the diplomas and papers, what we gain in our life, are not important.  The most important are our values and beliefs and the ability to be ourselves, - to do in our lives, what we like. Understanding yourself is the key to the stability, inner silence and joy in life.

However I have some Diplomas, because it is the way the countries and society functions.

Ginta's Diplomas and certificates

*Yoga Instructor certified by Adzits Singha, Holistic Medicine and Naturopathy Association in Latvia

*Argentinian tango Certificate by Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne

*Bachelor Degree in English Philology from the University of Latvia

*Bachelor Degree in Electronic Media and PR from Concordia International University Estonia


Jürgen Schindler

I am  a man, - the Master of my own life, because of my ability and quality to live in the present moment. Tango is my hobby, but in my soul I am a handworker and the Boss of my own company: "Schindler Solar".

I was born in Düsseldorf, and moved to the North of Germany in 1994 to live closer to nature, to have more fresh air and find myself.

Dancing comes into my life accidentally, when I started looking for more movement and the ways, how to spend my free time.

I suppose that I have been caught by tango because of my two inborn features of characteristics, which are also appreciated into tango - I am grounded and here&now. If somebody wants to dance tango, he or she needs to look for these qualities.

I like to dance with different kind of tango music, but mostly I get inspired by electronic and neo tango.

Jürgen's Diplomas and certificates

* Argentinian tango Certificate by Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne

* Master of Electricity

* About 20 years experience in Solar Energy