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What is Argentinian Tango?

Argentinian tango is a social dance, created in Buenosaires, Argentina around 1850. 

It has become in fashion in Europa around 1900, when the sailors and tango teachers from Argentina brought it to Paris. And it is still in fashion today.

Argentinian culture is rich, consisting of dance, music and poetry, that is world wide recognized. Tango is written in the book of UNESCO in 2009.

The number of people dancing tango is growing. More and more young people around the age of 20 join tango communities to communicate, improvize and socialize. But the main group of dancers remain 30 - 60 years old and older.

If you know, how to dance tango, you will find friends in all the biggest cities around the world.

Can I dance tango?

Of course. If you can walk and embrace, you can dance tango. As tango is a couple dance, - one person leads and the other follows, so we suggest to learn this dance with a partner.

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