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What is Yoga-Tango?

Yoga-Tango is the method, that combines elements of different arts of Yoga, meditation and Argentinian Tango to find your own centre and balance by being in Silence, even if there is noise around you.

The goal of Yoga-Tango is to bring you back to yourself - to the most wonderful person in the world. Yoga-Tango offers you the way back to your own balance, the core and it expands your awareness.

All in the world is in balance, why not you?

Is Yoga-Tango for me?

If you are looking for relaxation, because there is too much information around you and you would like to become friends with Silence and tango music and movement, you are welcome to join us

Only those, who find their own silence, can hear the music.

We require no previous experience in Yoga or Meditation or Tango, everyone can try Yoga-Tango, but if you are a beginner, it will take some time to find your Silence and bring joy to your life. So, be patient!

If you have some knowledge of Yoga or Tango or both, you can reach the deeper understanding of yourself.

if you are a teacher, a psychologist or practice some art therapy, then Yoga-Tango would be a nice supplement to your everyday work.

The picture: Expanded Awareness from the book by Agnese Berzina and Enriko Plivcs "The Person on the Wave of Light" (Ameija, Riga 2012)


About the teacher

The method is created by Ginta - the teacher of tango and yoga after many years of exploring both philosophies - Yoga and Tango. Her first classes of Yoga-Tango were taught in Riga, Latvia 2010.

Her idea to combine Yoga and Tango comes from her own experience. By combining these two arts she cured herself from her inner sufferings.

Ginta has more than 4 years experience in practicing silence meditation and hatha yoga and more than 11 years experience in practising and teaching Argentine tango.

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